Born in 1995, I am a french artist currently living in Berlin. I studied four years at the Fine Arts of Lille in the north of France. I obtained my first diploma in June 2017, the DNAP (Diplôme National d’Arts Plastiques). I specialize in Painting, engraving and screenprinting. I am also co-creator of the fanzine collective Dog Eat Dog (DED).

I traveled the world as a child with my family, following my father’s job opportunities. I had the chance to grow up mainly in the United States but also lived in Bosnia (Sarajevo) and Ghana (Africa).

You can find my video work displayed on : https://phi-art.blogspot.de/

You can also find some of my collective work with DED at the galery E2/Sterput in Brussels : http://galerie-e2.org/

You can contact me by email at chacon.phi@gmail.com